Unemployment in Illinois by County

By Tony Mazzarri and Cassandra Roman


(Air Force File Photo)

Dominic Flisk of south suburban Oak Lawn lost his job at a local mechanic’s shop in August of 2018. And although unemployment rates are low nationally and in Illinois, Flisk and others in his situation find themselves fighting an uphill battle to find a job. “So far it has been a struggle,” said Flisk, 25. “Certain places will not hire based on simple qualifications. Applying to a plethora of businesses at once seems to work well and get the best results and also affords you options.”

Unemployment is a tough thing to go through, and something that we’ve seen ebb and flow throughout the years in this country. Despite the fact that U.S. unemployment rates have decreased for several years, the numbers still paint a grim picture of Americans who have either lost their jobs or can’t find work. There are 102 counties in the state of Illinois, each with its own individual unemployment rates showing exactly how many are unemployed across the state.

Map by Tony Mazzarri, data by the State of Illinois data portal

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