10 High-Rises That Will Change Chicago

The northern half of the Chicago skyline, with construction cranes rising above the nearly-completed One Bennett Park (Photo by Tony Mazzarri)

Chicago is a city that is seeing a continuously-growing skyline. In the last few decades, there has been an increase in construction in and around the downtown area. The neighborhoods are becoming more dense, and the buildings constructed end up changing the entire city’s skyline as they continue to rise. Currently, we are experiencing a construction “boom,” one which is also seeing some of the tallest buildings being constructed in nearly a decade, and one which is also seeing the city’s skyline and high rises expanding west and south, beyond what we typically consider Downtown Chicago.

Here is a map of ten high rises proposed and under construction that are going to change the skyline for both the city and the individual neighborhoods they’re located in, as well as changing what goes on at street-level.

Map by Tony Mazzarri. Information on high rises from Curbed.com’s list of 47 high rises under construction in Chicago and Curbed.com’s article on the One Chicago Square proposal.

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